First shows

I had it on the road in Feb 2000, with a crazy NA G200Z. That was the best legal combo at the time. I also sourced a lot of other “Rare Spares” parts, like every lense on the car is/was new, dash vents,etc etc.

Anyways the first paint job stuffed up, and a few rust spots started coming out. So I took it off the road in late 2001 and that’s when the new panels went on. It has been off the road ever since, but I’m hoping to have it back on the road and ready for Willowbank Jamboree.

In the beginning

In the beginning before it was ‘The Green Coupe’

I purchased it in 1997 as a lime green stocker. It is still the best coupe shell i’ve ever seen. Has had a few brand new “Rare Spares” panels put on it to make it near perfect. It looked a lot like this (actual photo up soon).