Here’s a few pics of the monster on the stand with the jewelry bolted on!

Originally I grabbed a Piazza turbo engine and gearbox as it became legal to have a turbo Gemini.. Later I found out a 2.3lt turbo conversion was legal, so i got a 4ZD1! And also a GT3040R turbo, behind it all is a 2.6 rodeo MUA gearbox. An R31 skyline LSD is yet to be fitted.

The rebuild

I’m plugging away at it when I have no customers.

Thanks goes to D&P Smash Repairs on the Sunshine Coast for the sweet paintjob. Wheels are OM15’s, 6.5 inch front and 7 inch rear. Rears are low offset to give more dish, when i get the diff conversion done I’ll be narrowing it slightly to bring them in a little, and possibly adding another inch to the inside rim.

I dont expect anything better than 12’s until i get the diff conversion done and the boost wound up!