Welcome to Cox’s Auto

Cox’s Automotive is a family owned business since 1977. It remains a one man operation for that personal touch.

I am a 3rd generation motor mechanic, with myself (David) owning and operating the workshop. I’d like to welcome all new clients and thank the clients that have been with us for as long as the workshop has been running. Our family focus has always been about your safety, comfort and convenience. We also pride ourselves on honest upfront service!

Regular servicing and general vehicle maintenance is integral to reliability, roadworthiness and helping ensure your vehicle operates as it is intended. Servicing also allows me to identify any potential problems or worn components before they become major safety concerns or turn into costly repairs.

If you notice your car starts to make strange noises (knocks, clunks or grinding), don’t ignore it, it wont go away! Come in and see me. I service and repair all makes and models of cars, from regular services all the way through to engine rebuilds!